The Book

bookAuthor Natalie Wade’s Lily’s Feather Kite follows Lily, a young girl who wants to someday be an inventor, as she tries to fly her “marvelous feather kite” and see what happens when all her plans go very wrong.

As a kid, Lily is always up to something. In her room she is always surrounded by art materials and things she would later create into something. One day, when her parents noticed she has something brewing inside her room again, they knocked and asked what she’s been doing. Answering them with her usual “I’m creating” line; her parents leave her to continue her craft.

When she finally emerges from her room, she is carrying a feathery thing, telling her parents that it is her own feathery kite she intends to fly outside. Excited to try out her new invention, she began running after unwinding the string, making the kite rise up in the air. But few moments later she noticed that instead of making her kite soar like a bird; the feathers abandoned the kite and started to scatter around the place. In desperate measures to save her feathers, Lily dropped the string and started trying to catch her feathers. But it was to no use. After the disaster that was the outcome of her supposedly new creation, Lily began to cry. Will she be able to fix her feather kite?

Read on and see how the child was able to rise up to her mother’s challenge to learn from her mistakes while enjoying the lush illustrations and the engaging story. This piece will truly fascinate children, stir their imagination and impart to them an important lesson.